Big 6 Money Wheel

Big 6 Money Wheel

Big 6 Money Wheel, also known as The Big Six or Wheel of Fortune, is a game of chance, played using a large vertical wheel that can be spun.

The Big 6 Wheel owes much of its heritage to the traditional carnival prize wheel.

Prize wheels debuted at American carnivals in the late 1800s, and they became so popular that giant wheels offering fantastic prizes became major attractions at amusement areas such as the Coney Island Fair and the Boardwalk in Atlantic City.

Casinos, seeing the popularity of this relatively simple game, quickly adapted a version of the prize wheel into what is known today as the Big 6 Money Wheel. The Big 6 Money Wheel is one of the easiest games to learn and is a very popular choice among first-time casino visitors.

Playing is simple: step right up, place your bet, spin the wheel, and keep your fingers crossed!


Big 6 Money Wheel Rules

The wheel consists of 54 equal sections, with a metal or wooden spoke, pin or peg separating each one.

A rubber or leather flapper sits on top at the 12 o'clock position and is stationary. Each section of the wheel is marked with a symbol.

Players place their bets directly on the table on top of the symbol that corresponds to the numbers on the wheel as the wheel is spinning.

You can continue to wager until the dealer announces "No more bets." Winning bets are determined by whichever number or symbol section the flapper stops in.

The dealer then takes off all losing bets and pays all winning ones and the game begins anew.

The amount of the payoff for this game varies depending on the currency or symbol the flapper stops at.

Players may make as many bets as they want per spin. Just remember that only one of the symbols is going to hit.